Pastry delight

imageRecently, I visited several bakeries in Brooklyn in search for turnovers for my Baking and Pasty Arts term paper. I was all in, and why would I be? I get to eat pastries and report my thoughts on said pastries…… Which means any calories and or weight gained during this time DO NOT COUNT! YIPPEE
I tried several different shops looking for the elusive perfect apple turnover. I encountered soggy, uncooked and even some where that the baker forgot to fill. Then I wondered into this place on Court Street. The first time I went, they were sold out, at 9am they open at 7. After speaking with the clerk, she suggested I either get there am opening or place an order, for at least 3 and they would hold them for me. I was a bit skeptical, but decided to place and order for 3 apple turnovers to be pickup the next day. Boy or boy was I happy that I place my order. Unlike the others I tried, the filling was soft more like a purée, but was think enough that it did not make the dough soggy. It was flaky, sweet, a little tart but oh soo good. I’ve return everyday since.