Trishita Athai (Group MAF) – Skeletal Framing


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  1. Felix says:

    Hello MAF group, my name is Felix, a student in the construction management major. I have design the reinforced concrete beam for the beam you referenced in sheet A103. The beam will have a height of 55″ and a base width of 28″ spanning 34′ – 5″. It consists of the standard 1.5″ cover and use of #3 stirrups as well as being reinforced with 9 #11 steel rebars at the bottom. This beam’s design meets ACI codes and load requirements and is recommended for your structural design. I have uploaded a word document file containing the calculations and a sketch for the designed beam. You can assess it through this link
    As I am not too familiar with openlab and how to upload files and links to comments you’ll need to copy and paste the link into the address bar to download the file. Any issues with the file please contact me or my group members through the following email addresses.

    Felix –
    Frank –
    Danielle –

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