Structural _framing _submittal_Prof.Aptekar_group_Archology

Structural _framing _submittal_Prof.Aptekar_group-Archology

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  1. Daria Trukhanova says:

    Good day Architectural team,

    We have analyzed the proposed beam dimensions (f.r.12RB24 for 21′ span) and found it inadequate. Beam should be redesigned and we will work on providing you the best suitable solution. Please advise if you need to keep a certain height or width for the beam due to design, so we can proceed with calculations.

    Best Regards,
    Engineering Team

  2. Daria Trukhanova says:

    Good day Architectural Team,

    Please review the results of our Beam Analysis & Design:
    f.r.12RB24 for 21′ span – inadequate;
    f.r.14RB33 f’c=3ksi, fy=60ksi
    f.r.15RB27 f’c=4ksi, fy=60ksi

    f.r.12RB24 for 41’span – inadequate;
    f.r.24RB50 f’c=3ksi, fy=60ksi

    Should you have any questions feel free to email us at

    Address your questions to our team members:
    Sergey Bolotov
    Edgard Hernandez
    Daria Trukhanova

    Best Regards,

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