Polluted Metal is made by me and the group that came from an idea I made. The story is about a hacker in a future dystopian city living in a poor condition neighborhood while the rich are making money from robotic factories, polluting the skies and robots roaming on the streets; suddenly the robots went rouge, killing civilians and taking the city as their own. The goal is to take down robotic factories to lessen the robots that are protecting the main building where the robots were originated and kill the source of the problem. You can download the game on the link below.



Metal Screenshot 4

Metal Screenshot 1 Metal Screenshot 3 Metal Screenshot 2

Shadow Blocks

The game called ‘Shadow Blocks’ is a simple game to play; your only goal is to reach the finish line, which is the green bar on the right shown on the images down below. The trick is, the shadow blocks is blending on the background, so you have to use the light to see them; plus there is a deadly shadow block behind the player forcing you to reach the goal before you lose a life. I had colleague to help me with this project. You can download this on the link below.



Shadow Screenshot 1 Shadow Screenshot 3 Shadow Screenshot 2

Animal Tracker

The prototype game me and the group made is about collecting the zoo animals before the timer runs out; the story is about zoo animals escaping the zoo and roaming in the city and your job as a tracker to track and capture the animals before the people become displeased. This video here shows how it suppose to be when your doing the objective.

ScreenShot 1

Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

VRchat Home #3 – Playing With Unity Audio Source

I was playing around with the spatial sound using the unity’s audio source. In this image 01 below, is where I placed my audio source around my made-up house. The sound contains city traffic, birds chirping, car stereo, and my song that I created.

After that, to fully use the spatial sounds or 3D sounds, I have to move my character after the animation; to do that, I created a script, which is shown down below is a transition from an animation camera to a player’s camera to move around the house; I put a text to tell the player to press the ‘Enter’/’Return’ key to start moving the character and skip the animation.

To make it quick, I copied a script from this website to make the character move.

Finally, the results came in nicely from this video that I made.