Class 7 – Text Alignment, Tracking, Weights and Variations

This class was dedicated to the variations in type styles that are available. We discussed the differences in type — width, weight, posture, stress, serifs, and contrast. We also did several classes to help the class understand how to use the type variations to create emphasis and expression.

width – condensed or extended

weight – light or bold

posture – italic or oblique (fake italic)

stress – vertical or diagonal

contrast – extreme or medium or low/none

serif – bracketed or unbracketed

For more details on this topic, and new terminology, you can review with article: Styles, Weights, Widths — It’s All in the (Type) Family


Homework due – Monday 2/29/16

  • Study for Quiz #1 which will cover everything from the beginning of the semester.
  • Type Book—Weight & Variations exercise
  • Textbook reading: Letters, Words, Sentences, pgs 51 – 79
  • Bring in 3 magazine pages that have different grid structures
  • Bring in your tracing pads and pens