3 Graphic Design Websites


This article focuses on 5 different ways to boost contrast in your web design. These particular ways involve making certain objects or text bigger or smaller, to add a little texture, changing the shape, adding color, and doing something unexpected (innovative). Symmetry and order can cause your design to lose some form of hierarchy/contrast. By adding texture to a design it tends to create some type of visual focus. Changing shape or orientation of an element in a design can also add immediate impact. Last but not least, the final way to create high contrast in this article is adding an innovative and random shape or detail.



This article by Jacob Cass is about “Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design”. A logo should be recognizable, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority. Logos are mainly used to identify. When creating a Logo you must take into account the history about the company. You also can conduct a questionnaire or interview with the client you are designing for to get a design brief. The key to creating a Logo overall is lots of research, creative thinking, and reflection.



This article involves some graphic design tips for beginners. First off typography is one of the most important elements of any design that helps to create contrast. The grid approach also is an important aspect of graphic design in order to create outstanding visuals. Also another very important rule of thumb for graphic designers is to keep it simple. By making a design chaotic you will lose your audiences interest. My favorite tip overall is knowing the principles, a few of them are: alignment, balance, contrast, repetition, consistency, gestalt, white space and other basic elements.

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