Class 6 – InDesign: Panels, MultiPage Documents and Master Pages

Today’s class we went through the process of creating a multi-page document and using master pages. If you missed today’s class, use the following videos for help:

How to Format Master Pages


How to Override Master Page Items


Vocabulary Terms:

  • drop caps – capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph that drops down at least 2 or more lines of text.
  • master pages – when you have a multipage document, a master page is a non printing page used in InDesign that serves as a template for the rest of the pages. Master pages can contain text and graphic elements, such as photos, headers, footers or page numbers, etc.
  • dummy text – placeholder text that is use in place of the real text.

Homework Due Wednesday 2/24

  • Type Book – Complete the 5 Families of Type exercise. You can download the instructions here.
  • Quiz #1 – Monday, 2/29

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