The logo archive is a very interesting website for graphic designers. One this site it shows designers ideas of many different kinds of logo design. I personally like how the website is designed in black in white because it is appealing to the eye. Being that the design is in black and white it’s very easy on the eyes to look at the design better. But one thing that I do not like about this website is that there are no categories so basically you just keep scrolling down at the millions of logo designs.

What’s interesting about sweet magnolia gelato is that it’s not your average designer website. It’s actually a website for gelatos. But what makes it a perfect website for graphic designers is that is the further you click on its content the more graphic elements you see. It has an amazing layout and can give great inspiration if you’re having trouble coming up with a design. Is has amazing typography and it’s also well balanced in color.

The national poster retro is a great website because it shows a whole gallery of poster design created by designers all over the nation. This is also another resourceful website if you’re looking for poster design inspiration as well. Another downfall again is that they aren’t many selections. But once again if your just looking for some fresh ideas for a poster design. This is the perfect website that can do just about that.

Good /Bad Letter spacing !- Homework

The following image below is an example of bad letter spacing because if you look closely the first two letter the O,P are much closer together than the P and T. And also at the end the Y is a tad bit further than the R.


The following image below is a great example of good letter spacing because the all of the letter are evenly spaced even though the letters are tightly together. And the spacing between the actual word are evenly spaced as well.