Hi, My Name is Michael

Hi, I’m Michael. I love art, however I’m not such a good illustrator. My favorite color is green and my hobbies are listening to Music, playing Video Games and watching lots of YouTube videos. I also like to watch anime and my favorite anime is Naruto. I’m really easy to talk to and I like making new friends so if you see me don’t be afraid to say hello.

Illustration by Jacky

Hi, I’m Winson

Hello everyone, my name is Winson. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My future career is NYPD. I’m currently enlisted in the military for 4 years already. I enjoy going to museums and admiring art works. I’m interested in taking photos and knowing the stories behind them. My favorite hobby is going to the gym, eating sushi and pizza with pineapples.

Illustration: Gerance

Hey, I’m Jeremy!

My name is Jeremy Dueñas. I am a Communications Design major with a focus on Advertising – I plan on pursuing my BFA instead of the BT track. I was born and raised in Staten Island where I currently live with my mother, father, sister, grandfather and dog, Bobby.

I’m a self-described adventurer and communications enthusiast. I have several years of experience working with social media content creation and spent the last year serving as the National Social Media Team Lead for a non-profit organization with 150,000+ followers across all major platforms. I can at times be quiet, but if you get me going I can talk for hours about all my experiences.

I traveled to South Africa with my internship at JP Morgan Chase during high school and fell in love with the country, so two years later I did a study abroad program in Cape Town. Following my time in South Africa last winter, I took the spring semester off because I was accepted to the Disney College Program. I spent 8 months working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and found a company that I would love to grow with as I begin to develop my professional skills in this field.


Artist: Alex

Class 1 – Introduction to Typography


So, we’ve made it through the first class. Hopefully everyone is feeling a bit more relaxed and you’ve made some new friends.

Here is a recap of some of the topics that we covered the first day of class. Hopefully this will be helpful if you need to review:

  • We reviewed the syllabus, and if you need another copy, it can be downloaded COMD1127SyllabusSP2019
  • Everyone should have access to their City Tech email. This will be the way that I will communicate with you. Please check it at least every few days so you don’t miss any important information. Usually when I make a new post, you get an email notification.
  • In class we watched the following video:

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Hi, My name is Anna

I’m an animal lover and I have two cats who are siblings. My hobby is painting. I’m mostly self taught. I was born in Brazil but NYC is my home. The feathers in the name drawing (above) represent Carnival. It’s an annual holiday around Easter that some Brazilians celebrate. I used to play soccer, basketball and volleyball. Now I only watch them but I miss playing sports. Sadly I have become accustomed to fast food, which is represented by the hot dog. However I am changing my eating habits. It’s something I’ve been working on since 2018.

Illustration: Maisha

Hi, My Name is Jenise

My name is Jenise. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and I am of Puerto-Rican and Dominican Descent, but I don’t know how to speak spanish. I enjoy drawing and I like to listen to a lot of  Rock and Metal music. I have a pet leopard gecko named Marvin. I’m kinda shy but also really nice and I can be quite funny as well.

Illustration by Miguel

My Name is Miguel

My name is Miguel, I like to play games most of the time. I have two dogs, both small and mixed breeds as well. I was born in Queens, NY. I don’t go outside much so I’m indoors most of the time. I like to stream on Twitch as well.

Illustration:  Jenise

Contact Information

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Welcome to Type & Media – Spring 2019


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Spring 2019 semester of Type & Media,  COMD1127, section D124. This is your class website and part of your required reading. Here you will find loads of resources to help you get through the course. As often as I find interesting materials that will supplement and enhance your learning, I will update this site with them. Sometimes you will find a recap from the day’s lesson. If I find no one is utilizing the info, I will stop posting it here. Therefore, you should plan to check in here before and after each class—especially to get updates to class and homework assignments. It is your responsibility to keep up with the information that is posted, and your participation on this site will contribute to its usefulness and help to enhance it. So, remember to post and comment when assigned to do so, and as often as possible to keep the discussion going. You contribution can make a big difference. There is no required textbook for this class. Continue reading “Welcome to Type & Media – Spring 2019”