Journal Entry 7 – A Memorable Mentor

man in gray crew neck t-shirt and black pants standing near black wooden table
Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

A few weeks into the internship, my team and I were introduced to our design supervisor. We all met during one of our Monday zoom meetings. His mission was to help us complete our design assignments. He is an older man who has many years of professional design experience. His portfolio has many amazing pieces that backs him further.

Our mentor provided us with the explainer video script edits and ideas. We shared the final version of the script, which was more based on our mentor’s suggestions, and it turned out to be a lot more convoluted and difficult to understand. Eventually we agreed to a small 4 line script. After showing him my most recent over storyboard, over google meeting, He agreed it looked great and sent me a couple of examples for my animation part of the video project. That was great of him!

I learned some better presentation technique that I will use for future work!

On another side note he helped stand up for us designers whenever the other supervisors have a preposterous request.

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