Journal Entry 6 – Self Evaluation

A project I would like to evaluate myself on is my most recent storyboards for the explainer video we are working on after the internship is done and over.

Here we have my take on how I envisioned the explainer could look like. I take a lot of inspiration from other typographic animation videos such as the ones I noted on journal entry 3. I believe I did a good job looking at how certain references did their layouts. My approach was very modern and simplistic. To the point so that the attention is focused on the type. I wanted to create something a bit memorable rather than a mass of animations and colors overtaking a viewer’s eyes. When I presented my work, my teammates and the designer supervisor all liked the simple take. Assumingly because I would be the one who would animate the ultimate piece, they thought it fit well. Because this is my work and I have a prejudge opinion, I would agree it works best. The other supervisors although wanted to see both in action so we will have to see how far we can take these storyboards. Overall I could have completed this faster so my teammates could have seen it before the presentation, but it turned out well otherwise.

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