Journal Entry 2 – My Role–Responsibilities

My role within the company is, lead video designer and support graphic designer. My experience in video editing convinced my supervisor to have us begin conceptualizing an redesign for an explainer video. They had one where the supervisor simply recorded themselves and had a long drawn out explanation about one of their the company’s social platforms. The owner of the non profit and his manger are my supervisors. My professor suggested to reach out to this place and they had work that fit my major’s focus of video and graphic design. Once I reached out to the manager and asked about the position, they invited me to the first general zoom meeting on Monday June 7th. There were the two supervisors along with one of my classmates and a couple other volunteers. The owner explained to the best of their abilities what his company and brands did in the hour we listened. After it was done, the manager noted down my information skills, and availability and soon we were assigned to our work.

We were assigned to focus on recreating the explainer video. My two other classmates and I had a private slack meeting where we discussed our ideas. I took the initiative in preparing a slide with color palettes, information so that we were on the same page, and I had the first idea to redo the lackluster logo. This logo was already very weak, and adding it to the explainer video would have not been the best for memorability or viewer consumption. This sparked a new conversation in figuring out what the company was about and had my other two teammates begin their process in designing their takes on the logo.

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