Journal Entry 1 – Secured a Position

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Starting out I had no internship when the class started. With the help of my professor, I applied to three different positions. On the second week of internship class, I was able to fully secure myself with a position in a Non-Profit organization. Both supervisors gave me and two other colleagues that were accepted a very warm welcome. The company is relatively small nonprofit that mainly runs through the help of volunteers ran in New York. This privately owned company deals directly with charities and celebrities to garner attention and then funds from fans and others through cause marketing. Cause marketing in short, is when a business supports a charitable cause or a social issue and gets marketing benefits from it. It is important to have strong communication with charity and celebrity clients as they are needed to gain at important connections to donators. The company can split the funds with themselves and then the charity of choice 50% each. The donators and celebrities have a choice on which charity they want their money to allocate towards. The Non-Profit organization was founded in 2012 and worked with nearly 30 causes to convert consumer’s time, attention, and behavior into revenue paid for by sponsors. I was assigned the position of lead video designer, as I had the most experience with video editing, but until then I will work as a support graphic designer alongside my teammates. No articles were found on them.

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