How writing changed me

BROOO! I kid you not! at the beginning of the semester I realized my writing was horrible I couldn’t write fully understandable sentences my thesis statements were vague. my grammar, capitalization, and punctuations were horrible. I’ve never liked to write AT ALL! even though my handwriting is awesome it always seemed boring , But until now I realize some major improvements my thesis statements became  proper. I would find myself correcting my grammar, capitalizing letters and actually putting periods and commas, as you’ll see in this writing assignment. On the other hand I’m still having trouble in certain areas such as trying to explain what it is I’m trying to say and putting it on paper For example whenever you go out and you talk to someone it’s like you just know the right words to say, but when it comes to putting it down on paper it’s like you have to actually think about which words you can use and cannot use. One thing that I actually like about writing is my handwriting it’s just beautiful ok let me stop. What I really enjoy is that with writing I can put a lot of my emotions into it giving me a deeper connection with myself since I’m connecting more with my feelings.

College Effect!

My academic writing has improved a lot compared back to my high school writing. I have learnt many new skills that have positively improved my of the skills that has significantly improved is the structure in mu essays, my essays have a more solid structure than before. However I need to keep working on transitions. My transitions from idea to idea are not solid yet. I’m hoping to learn how to improve my transitions.
Argumentative essays are my favorite essays to do. When people dont agree with my ideas I challenge my self to counter there ideas. I  learn from them and this helps me develop better analytic skills and over all helps me with my academic writing.

How my writing has improved

One aspect of my writing that has strongly improved is my writing transitioning. Before I began the class, I struggled getting my idea across from the thesis to the main essay point, and my readers didn’t really understand the format of my essay because it was unclear where my ideas where set it aside from the authors idea. I believe i improved a lot because reading my new writing vs how my writing was in high school in has really changed on a positive scale but, if there was one weakness that I would like to work on it is how to conclude my idea mean that if I need to wrap up my work i often have trouble making a short and simple conclusion. After all this class time, I now love making conclusions because I feel that it is very easy, where other people would struggle making one. This is how I improved on writing.

Writing Improvements

In the beginning of the semester, I could write but not like now. My writing skills have improved a lot. For example, now in my essays I can use so many transitions to move from an idea to a different idea. I also can develop my ideas better than before. Also the organization of my essay has improved. I mean that now I can put what in my brain on the page in organized way. However, I still need to work more on my grammar. Grammar is the only skills that challenge me during my writing. Most of the time I mess spilling a word, put the verb in the wrong tense, and putting comma where I’m not suppose. Also I keep making a lot of run on sentence. I believe that if I get better on grammar, there will not be any aspect of academics writing that will still be challenge for me. One aspect that I enjoy the most in my writing is using transition words. I like how I transfer from an idea to another idea and how it makes the essay looks professional. In addition transitions makes the ideas more clear and easy to understand.

Assignment 2

During my time in City Tech, i see a big changed in my English writing, in high school I used to take more than 3 hours to make a clear respond in the task they give me, now i have develop my skills in writing to a better understanding. In the time I have at City Tech grammar and clarity still a challenge in my college writing, but that don’t stop me to overcome those challenge and still improving my writing. I use to have a lot of problems in high school making a coherent writing work, now I feel more confident about my skills in writing even if they still not perfect, something I enjoy in academic writing is the clearly thoughts i can write in a act of creation.

I noticed my writing has improved since I started college. I can now write an good essay with five complete paragraphs. In college writing i learned how to write a thesis sentence and paraphrase. Also, I learned how to use transitions words. However, there are still areas I need to work on like, concluding sentences. While I am learning to write good concluding sentences I enjoy thinking strategically, it cause me to think outside the box.

ENG1101 Openlab Assignment 2

During my time at City Tech my writing has changed from the way how I used to write in high school compared to now. I used to have problems with grammar, using vague words like you or it but after learning about the mistakes I made in writing I try my best to make sure the papers I write is clear and understandable to the reader. I am not going to lie one problem I still have is the use of transitional words such as to clarify, I argue in addition those words are used to strengthen your sentence structure so the reader can have a better understanding of the topic. I will try my best to overcome this challenge so i can be a better writer than today. One thing I do enjoy about writing is being able to express what you think and put it on a piece of paper because the greatest aspects of writing is if you can connect to one`s ideas and reflect to your own even in an argument there is a connection that is created between writers and readers. what I want to do is be able to reach out to people without using words but using my thoughts on a piece of paper to inspire or inform one. writing made me learn that it takes more than just writing what one sees it a connection on what one thinks based on what one feels. turning in a paper because one did it is different from being proud of what one turns in as a paper. writing inspired me to don’t write what I see or hear, but write about what makes a connection not only to one but other people around the world because that is what writing is about making it clear to the other reader understanding.

Assignment 2

Before comming to college i wasn’t comfortable writing essays and papers but i didn’t mind doing them. One aspect of my writing that has improved since the begining of the semester is the tone through out my essays. One aspect of academic writing that still challenging me is writing more words because i will run out of ideas and informations. One aspect of academic writing that i enjoy is learning more from the sources.