First Weeks in City Tech..

My first few weeks in college has been about adjusting to the expectations of my professors.Even though its just the beginning of the semester,i can already feel the pressure of not being able to pass my classes. There are many exams that i have to review for in the first few weeks of this semester. Its different than before because professors expect students to be more self self reliant and independent. I am getting my self familiar with the map of city tech and trying to memorize my classes. The duration of classes is longer than before so yoga helps.

Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday!

Hi All,
I mentioned this in some of my classes but wanted to get the word out to all. The Brooklyn Book Festival is THIS coming Sunday. It’s a great event right by our school (though City Tech is not involved in the planning) and it’s free. There is a full day of readings and discussions and there are lots of books for sale on the green at Borough Hall. The Festival and all events that take place are free admission. Look through the roster to see if anything interests you!

The roster of events;

The website of the full Book Festival:


OpenLab Assignment 1: FYLC-My First Weeks at City Tech

For this assignment, you will write about your first weeks at City Tech and post them on the OpenLab site on our FYLC group page. (Yes….yet another project you have to join). This project page is public to OpenLab members but will not be visible to people outside of the Open Lab community. Here is the link to the task you must complete:

Here is the assignment but do not post here. Post on the FYLC site:

From First Year Learning Communities:
“We invite you to tell a story about your first few weeks at City Tech. Research has shown that first-semester students often worry about their transition in to college and how eventually students become comfortable and find a community of people with whom they are close and feel they belong.

Please describe in a short story how you have experienced your first few weeks at City Tech. Aim to write 300-500 words and be sure to illustrate your post with examples from your own experiences in classes, seminars, lectures, study groups, and labs. What happened? How did you and others involved think and feel? How did it turn out?

We hope this process will help you think about your transition experience. Once you have finished writing please take time to read and comment on at least two of your peer’s stories.

To create your first post please click the plus (+) sign at the top of the FYLC page!

Once you have finished writing your post please select your FYLC faculty member as a category.

Then feel free to look around and read and comment on your peers’ writing!

(If you are looking to read stories from one specific FYLC select a faculty “category” at the bottom of the page)


“How to Be Emotionally Intelligent” by Daniel Goleman

This short piece, “How to Be Emotionally Intelligent” from the New  York Times identifies traits of an “emotionally intelligent” leader; they are skills that could be applied to many balanced individuals. The article, published in 2015 by Daniel Goleman, also offers a general definition of what “emotional intelligence” can mean.