How to Set Up City Tech Student Email

City Tech Email:

Your City Tech email is also the way the college will communicate with you for important If you have not already done so, try these instructions from City Tech’s website. Go to the “Frequently Asked Questions” and look for Student Email.

Current Students-Frequently Asked Questions

This page states:
“In order to access your email account, go to:
Password: It’s your date of birth in a six digit format MMDDYY and the last four digits of your EMPLID. For example: If your date of birth is 01/06/86 and the last four digits of your EMPLID is 1234, then your password is 0106861234 ( no spaces OR dashes)

If this does not work, go to the Atrium Learning Center or the New Student Center on the first floor of the Atrium Building.

(Yes, I’m aware you won’t be able to get to this OpenLab site if you are not on email! I’m sending this information through the email service, but even this won’t be available until you set your email up!)