Assignment 2

During my time in City Tech, i see a big changed in my English writing, in high school I used to take more than 3 hours to make a clear respond in the task they give me, now i have develop my skills in writing to a better understanding. In the time I have at City Tech grammar and clarity still a challenge in my college writing, but that don’t stop me to overcome those challenge and still improving my writing. I use to have a lot of problems in high school making a coherent writing work, now I feel more confident about my skills in writing even if they still not perfect, something I enjoy in academic writing is the clearly thoughts i can write in a act of creation.

One thought on “Assignment 2

  1. Neibis,
    Thank you so much for writing this and for reminding us all that all writing is an “act of creation.” The unique ideas you have and bring to the page are a big piece of what makes writing a worthwhile endeavor. We all benefit from reading each other’s ideas, and your effort has helped you see this! Keep writing. The grammar skills and clarity you have already gained will continue to improve!

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