Academic Writing

College writing is a bit more precise than usual writing standards. Arranging paragraphs in a structural manner which include a proper topic sentence or being able to write sentences in the correct form is good but enough. Academic writing requires a certain type of format and depth. Balancing your personal viewpoint with the opinion of others to reason and analyze research is one aspect of college writing. Stating a clear and powerful thesis statement throughout the writing and most importantly convincing the reader with personal perspective and legit facts is also an essential factor. I have learned many new factors of academic writing such as transitional sentences, rhetorical strategies, critical writing, and MLA formatting. The use of my rhetorical techniques has improved which has helped me in developing a writer’s sense and creating a firm argument thoroughly. Transitional sentences are complex and hard to write, and I have struggled with writing proper transitional sentences, but once you get used to writing a lot, transitional sentences become interesting to write. I prefer to write narrative essays over research essays. Research essays are mainly fact based which is why I find them tedious and extensive. Whereas narrative essays are more creative and allow the writer to have more freedom with words. College writing in general influences a person to take control of what others are thinking in words and dominating that.

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  1. Aiza,
    This is such a thoughtful and reflective consideration of your own progress. Your discipline is a strength in this class and will be throughout your college career. College writing is very much about trying to say what we have to say more precisely and clearly. This is so much easier said than done! Thank you for these valuable insights about the work we continue to do. Keep writing!

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