From the Field

United Federation of Teachers – Print Shop

a paper slicer that can help make sure the cuts will be even, it also has a sensor that prevents any accidents so it won’t cut if it senses a person under the slicer


this machine helps workers to print on longs sheets of paper

  1. The amount of equipment and information I seen and heard during this visit was overwhelming to say at least. Though our guide was very helpful with his explanations on the different equipment and what he recommends we use for certain mediums or layouts, all this information would be difficult for me to memorize. It was very interesting on how much work and attention it is to get your work printed out, when our guide explained how colors would work printed it was very helpful and realizing how much I need to memorize from our visit motivates me to research everything before i even consider printing my work.
  2.  I never considered how many positions there are in printing and how much communication is needed for it. The way the workers looked and talked definitely gave me admiration for them and how they manege to work through all these designs. There are so many steps and equipment needed for this print shop I did not know that they could print shirts as well and it is impressive how much they expand. Looking at all this makes me interested in print although i’m not sure if I have the patience and memorization skills they have.
  3. With this visit to the print shop I realized a designer isn’t done making decisions even after completing their digital work, a lot more consideration has to be placed in which printer and paper you want in order for your design to be successful. You have to put extra care into which colors would look like printed and how it will be if you have your work trimmed or full bleed, as well as be specific with orders and consider leaving a good amount of time in order to have your work printed out knowing how busy it gets in the print shop. I know now that contacting and researching the print shop you are going to is a must in order to not waste time, money, and your design.