Visual Quote

For this project we had to communicate our thoughts on a quote visually and design three postcards that show our interpretation the quote. I picked lyrics from a song called 23 by Jieun Lee she wrote this during a time where she was facing criticism about her character, calling her fake and so she wrote this about how she herself isn’t sure about her character and that not everything is so black and white I used inspiration from the title of her album ‘Chatshire’ as well as some colors from the album design and visuals from the music video.


skethes of work


1st design

text shaped like a question mark


As stated above I had some inspiration from the album design with my color palette also since the album is called Chatshire i added  slight cat ears and whiskers to the design. For the font and border, I added them to give the design a storybook feeling due to the music video being inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I put all the text to a question mark shape to interpret the lyrics as a riddle or mystery.

2nd design



I wanted this design to look like a letter while keeping a storybook element so I centered the text, and added a border. Usually storybooks have a small design at the top of the border so I added small question marks to keep with the theme of the quote being a riddle or mystery. The colors continue to keep a similar palette to the album Chatshire with the text being yellow and background purple to give it a slightly more mature look.

3rd design

text shaped like a cat in front of a sign pole


This design focuses more on visuals than he other two have I decided to keep a simple design to not take too much attention away for the text. The text has been shaped into a cat for Chatshire with its tail curled into a question mark. Next to the cat is a directional sign with a question mark above to show the confusion or mystery about which choice to make.