Sites on the OpenLab

1. To create a page on your site, go to your site Dashboard and click Pages > Add New in the left-hand menu.

Add New Page Screenshot

2. On the following screen, you will see a title line, a text box, and a formatting toolbar.  Here you can enter a title for your page and the content that you would like to appear on your page.  To modify your text (e.g., to change the font style, add a link, etc.), highlight the text that you want to change and click the appropriate button from the formatting toolbar.  You can also add images, audio, or video to your page by clicking the icon next to Upload/Insert.

Upload Insert Screenshot

3. Once you have finished adding content to your page, click Publish in the “Publish” section of the right-hand menu.  If you would like to see how your page will look before you publish it, click Preview in the right-hand menu.  Additionally, if you would like to continue working on your page and publish it at a later time, click Save Draft in the right-hand menu.

Publish Page Screenshot

4. You can also change or edit your page’s privacy settings by clicking Edit in the Visibility settings in the same right-hand menu.  You can choose to make your page public, password protected, or private.

Adjust Visibility Screenshot

5. Lastly, in the “Page Attributes” section of the right-hand menu, you can edit your page attributes.  In this menu, you can give your page a parent (i.e., make the page appear as a sub-page on another page on your site) and/or edit the template options of your page.  For more information about page attributes, click the Help > Page Attributes in the top right-hand corner of your screen.  Note: Make sure that you are still on the screen where your page text box appears.

Edit page attributes screenshot

Help information courtesy of at Queens College.