Gun Violence Poster

Personal Logo

This is my personal logo above. What is shown are the initials in my name, which BGL. I decided to blend all letters together to make it more fun. My initial thought was to have my initials side by side, but I wanted it to be different, and also different from my banner.

Video Project

When I first recieived this project, I thought of many restaurants, parks, and museums to visit. Then, I was told in a meeting at work that we’ll be attending many fun trips for spring break. Medieval Times was the trip that caught my attention. I always heard people talk about the performances and mainly the delicious food. Thats the one thing that I left out in this video, food. They served one dish at a time to everyone, and I didn’t want to wait to receive all the dishes then take the photo, and have cold food and a starving stomach LOL. I enjoyed this trip, the kids at my job loved it, some caught flowers thrown to them from the knights, they felt special. I also enjoyed the nap I took on the school bus after LOL.

Trip to UFT

When my Digital Media Foundations class and I visited the United Federation of Teachers, we seen a lot of printing equipment thats used. Some printing equipment shown was the offset press, and web press. The presentation of the building and printing was really organized. Each printing equipment had their own section, I liked that everything wasn’t close together and cluttered. Three printing items that impressed me was the silk screen, offset press and the trefoil paper folding machine. I was impressed with all printing equipment because it was amazing to see the process and how the outcome of it.


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