Turtle blast

In this lab first I was very struggle on it because it is so hard to figure it out and it was very hard to understand too. So I try many time to fix it and ask my classmate or professor to help me out. But after my hard work, I finally get the result and my code is right in that time, therefore after the multiple time struggle I finally get that graph right and get the job done or finishing my work. In that process, first I import turtle and import random then I make the window screen turn red and the turtle become white after that I write the range on it so I put the number inside my code, at last I make some direction for the turtle tell them move forward and backward so after the turtle listen my direction then it know how to move it and finally make a graph. Finally in this lab I learn what is turtle blast and how do I do it or make it also I understand how to typing the code and make the turtle become a graph.