This lab was very hard or difficult, because if you want to do this lab and make it done then you really need the skill of python also you have to very good at function, condition, list too because in this lab the work is usually base on this three topic so it is mean if you don’t have this three skill then I can promise you, you will not have an chance to finish this lab. Also this is was very challenge too, because this can test you some python skill and let you know or teaching you how to using python very comfortable, therefore that is the reason why I will say this time the lab was very challenge. On a other hand, in this lab you have using python three skills: function and condition also list to complete this board game, first you need to create a battleship board to start this game after that you can start to create you own battleship board game you want to play, at last you can just find some friends to play this very challenge and serious board game with you. So this is the process of this time lab.


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