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chp 5- 9

These four chapter was like the the institution chapter where we learned that some sort of experiment was going on in this place and Connie was chosen over Sybil who’s a friend that she met before and now they re meet again, while Connie is on drugs Sybil is dealing with some sort of shock treatment. Connie seems to be afraid and reaches out to Luciente where later ends up in her time in the moment of a ritual. We met Bee who’s some sort of co-mother of Innocente (innocent in Spanish) when once again Piercy uses Spanish to make a pretty strange message by naming a character innocent in a time of a ritual where she sent to the wild to survive and received a new named? which at this point I was as confused as Connie was.

Then we return to the institution where Connie ends up in other test this time joined by Sybil and Skips. She then calls for Luciente again to take her, this time they go visit the “gov’t” and then to deathbed of Sappho who just asked to be taken to where she can hear the river. So at this point it seems like Connie just calls Luciente where every she feels down or just wants to escaped her current situation and normally Luciente bring her into a situation where perhaps there some sort of lesson to be learned like Innocente ritual of survival and Sappho deathbed? who know’s?

chp 10-14

in the beginning of these few chapters we learned that Connie, Skip, Sybil and the others are moved to their new ward where they learn about the electrical nodules, once again afraid and desperate Connie reaches out for Luciente where this time they have a conversation about coffee and how coffee plays a role in the present time which was kinda of odd who knew coffee would be consider a ritualized making it “a certain crux in history … forces are in conflict. Technology is imbalanced … alternate futures are equally or almost equally probable … and that affects … the shape of time.” then she is told to continue fighting for freedom and enlightenment this is starting to sound like a DC comic kind of situation where she (connie) can go to the future and change the past. interesting quest so far, we start with a ghetto situation then we go to a institution where some weird experiments are going on that involve Connie, Sybil and other like Skip etc. and in between we visit Luciente and learn some interesting stuff about the future and past and some back story on Connie huh seems to be getting better.


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