Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Louis Rosario
So far the book is a little slow, we have a character (Rick Deckard) that is longing to have a real animal of his own but can’t afford the animal he truly wants. He has a depressing life and a wife who can’t live without dialing a schedule to control her mood swings in order to survive a single day. He gives into her wishes, I guess to appease her. They live in a world that is described as a world of utter bleakness with fallout that is reported on just like the daily weather is on our television set by the local weather man today. They rely on a machine (I am guessing a computer called a Penfield) on which they dial certain numbers to give them false satisfactions or content to life. Again, I believe the story is slow; there are too many loose ends that I hope will come together during the next few chapters. I have to admit even though the story is slow I still find myself interested in the story line, but first I am going to reread the first five chapters again.

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