The Machine Stops

What’s really interesting about this story is the time in which it was written like my fellow classmates mention on their post, this story was written in a time period where there wasn’t a lot of technology around yet. We’re talking about the early 1900’s and in order for Forster to write this story with so much futuristic detail is amazing.

This story is clearly taking about a time when the Earth will be unliveable and we as the human race will have to relocate somewhere else, and in this case we relocate beneath the earth and constructed this new way of living where we would fulfil everything we needed by just pushing buttons. Everything will ever needed would come to us by a click of a button. History as we know it would change everything we knew would be forgotten until one day someone would come along and questions “the machine” and try to do things that shouldn’t be done like go “outside” to the surface of the earth where its unliveable and try to explore it.

The issue that is now raises is that now you’re conflicted with a problem where you don’t know what’s true or not. The outside is supposes to be deathly but then again someone just went and explored it. Now in days we kind of lived in the same idea of getting everything we want from a click of a button. We got the “internet” and just imagine one day the internet is gone all our phone, computer shuts down etc. we would be face with a true disaster everyone would be freaking out, and that’s what people in the story were doing at the end once “the machine stops”.

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