“WE” essay 2 draft

It is only human nature to have self doubt,it is natural. To have a lack of faith in your own society is to doubt your confidence in where you stand inside of the One State as a person. Self doubt in yourself can and will change the way you stand for or against the society you once looked up to as “perfection”. The cause of self doubt can be from what others want for or from you,which can cause you to constantly struggle to determine if you are making the right decisions or not. To carry the weight of such responsibility contributes to self doubt depending on how much the person can manage. Reading “WE” I notice the traits of self doubt in the character D-503 who wrote the entries of his observations on the One State. He struggles to keep his feelings out of the book which instead shows how many times he has doubt his own actions and feelings towards each event.

Claim 1
Topic sentence – D-503 doubts that math can ever be wrong or never change since it is error free like the one state.
“There is only one truth, and only one true way; this truth is two times two, and the true way- four and would it not be an absurdity if these happily, ideally multiplied twos began to think of some nonsensical freedom- ie… Clearly to error?” (67)

Claim 2
Topic sentence- The power of love can blind the individuals goals and prospective on life.
“Iam afraid that if I lose I-330, I will also lose what is perhaps the only key to the disclosure of all the unknown quantities (the incident of the closet, my temporary death, and so on) and even simply as the author of these notes, I feel that Iam duty- bound to find the answers.” (118)

Claim 3
Topic sentence- Obstacles built by minor issues can cause the individual to question his position in society.
“Now I no longer live in our clear, rational world; I live in the ancient nightmare world. The world of square roots of minus one.”(77)


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