Brave New Bernard !!

As i continued reading Brave New World ,  Bernard character fascinate me even more . For the reason that he returns back with one goal and that was to keep his job and stay in the world state. In Chapter 10 Bernard arrives back to the Hatchery and stands up to the Director. The Director in had other plans. he discussed to Henry that he wanted to humiliate Bernard in front of every one and make an example out of him , The part i enjoy reading was when the Director calls for every ones attention and puts Bernard on the spotlight. The Director lets Bernard give one reason why showed he be allowed to stay and thats when Bernard first bring out Linda ” Those undistorted faces, a strange and terrifying monster of middle-agedness, Linda advanced into the room” Pg 138 Linda Explains to everyone that The Director made her have a baby in which John Walks in , and drops down on his knees in front of the Director and tells him my father . The Director shocked and embarrassed walks out the room. This shows a lot about Bernard because not only did he stand up to the Director but in front of everyone he also proved that things can change, decision can change, that change is possible in the world state

As i kept on reading i learned that the director had resign immediately after being humiliated by Bernard. But something i was confused about why was the other referring to john as the Savage. Was it because he wasn’t from the World State ? Or because he was the Director son. Everyone wanted to Meet John The Savage Man from the reservation. But no one really seem to care about Linda John’s Mother. “This was by far the strongest reason for people not wanting to see poor Linda, there was here appearance. Fat , having Lost her youth, with bad teeth and a blotched complexion.” Pg 142 Linda felt isolated that she touch as much as twenty grammes of soma a day. She felt like that was the only way she was able to stayed relax and wouldn’t care what any one else thought of her.

i Learned that Lenina has a crush on John she states that she never had sex with a savage man. Confused with her emotions on what she feels for john and being unsure if he likes her too he takes him on a feely. After getting of the taxi Lenina expects john to stay with her but he didn’t want to for the fact that he didn’t want to have sex with her. ” But John .. i thought you were … i mean aren’t you?” Pg 157 Lenina tells john expecting he would stay with her. But he didn’t he went back to his room and read Othello. After Failing to Seduce John the first time she takes soma and looks for john. Turns out after all John feels the same way for Lenina but he didn’t want to tell her for the fact she wouldn’t like the fact of commitment . I think John says this because when Lenina first arrived at the new mexico reservation all she talked about was ford and how people were so pose to do to a certain job. That everyone worked for everyone . and no one belonged to no one . But I’m noticing a change in Lenina she’s catching feelings.

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