thoughts on chapters 1 – 5 Brave New World

For me I think the three person conversation in chapter three was a bit of a conflict. You have the world director saying how bad the past was and how horrible familial relations are and you have Bernard and Lenina, in a sense, saying how they want these relationships. She says on page 46 no there hasn’t been anyone else and I jolly dont see why there should have been. Then when she agrees that she should see someone else she isn’t talking about seeing multiple other people just one other person Bernard. As the director then talks about how they produced the perfect drug soma page 59 and sixty you have Bernard a few sentences later on turning down the perfect drug and he is described as fending it off. So it makes you think is this society really as perfect as it appears to be? And was the past really that bad? Another topic I wanted to discuss was the whole hedonism, promiscuity value, idea this society has. Coming from a social stand point I guess you can say,  sex is a pleasurable it releases all these great chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. But on the other hand it is a way to build bonds, connect with people, create emotionally attachments to people, it can go so much deeper than hey this feels good I wonder why they promote it? Yes if you have sex with multiple people you can diminish the emotional part but you can’t totally eliminate it I think. Maybe Lenina enjoyed sex with Henry so much that’s why she stayed with him for four months and by staying with him that’s where the emotional attachments starts to form etc. I guess this puzzles me because to me sex is way more than yes this feels good, it can lead to so many other more feelings that can be adverse to what the state values.

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