Brave new world ch.6-9

This week reading ch.6-9 focused on mainly Bernard and Lenina along with a few shocking new experiences the couple had a chance to endure without the use of soma. Bernard is not considered normal to the citizens of the world state and is sorta made fun of by Henry on pg.88 “you can’t teach a rhinoceros tricks” basically saying that any amount of conditioning can’t fix someone (Bernard) that is already broken/retarded. Why is Bernard considered to not be normal since he likes to think for himself and rather have his space away from everyone else besides his girlfriend lenina? Maybe it’s his actions that most citizens find rather strange possibly.

Although the director seems to like Bernard at the same time he can’t stand his arrogant behavior. The director trust him enough to tell him a story about a girlfriend named Linda that he lost in malpais years ago. He then snaps out of his reminiscence to then proceed to threaten to send Bernard to Iceland for further conditioning if he continues to act out of place again. To me the Director’s conditioning is also disrupted almost like Bernard but the difference is the the Director dose not flaunt it around like Bernard would. Maybe it is because he lost Linda who he cared strongly for that probably prevents him from acting as odd as Bernard would….

Bernard and Lenina have such a strong bond relationship even though they both have different view points on the world state, Lenina loves the jolly feels of soma and the so called happy/perfect world they live in while Bernard can’t really stand the society most the time which makes him not “normal”. Although Lenina cries about Bernard’s hate towards society she still loves him and rather be with him instead of finding someone else who loves the world state as much as she does. Is this a sign that that Leninas conditioning is off balance as well as the Director and Bernard? This reminds me of the short story”The machines stops” since the story starts to unfold it shows glitches with in the system which wasn’t there before. Glitches in this instance is the resistance from the conditioning from the humans which can lead to the end of the World state in due time.

Bernard and Lenina take a trip to Malpais where it is a complete different world compared to the world state. Malpais is filled with smelly dark skin Indians who seem to live like savages in the eyes of Bernard and lenina. This is where they forget to bring soma and have to face reality head on. There is one point in the scene when the celebration noises sound like “orgy-porgy” to Lenina at Malpais, but the more she listen to the sounds without the soma the faster she forgot about the orgy call. This confirms that soma is the root balance of the world state order. Could humans in this world state survive and be happy without this significant drug?

The best part of the chapter was when Bernard discovered that Linda was alive and had a baby boy by natural birth from the director who does not even know that Linda survived all these years. Bernard seems to have a plan to throw off the balance of the entire world state by bringing back both Linda and the natural son back to probably expose the Director. Hopefully bringing the two back will flip the world state upside down. This should be interesting to see Bernard’s true intentions and side effects It may cause others.

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