Brave New World Respone(1-5) – Allen R

Judging from the title of the book I assumed the book to take place in a paradise island kind of type, probably because that’s how I imagine a utopia. After reading the first few chapters, I was completely overwhelmed. The ideas in which they enforce in this new world is just absurd to me. The fact that in this new world they create new human beings in a factory instead of natural conception, to me is just inhumane. How did they drift away from how the world once was? All these insane ideas kept me reading and kept me questioning like what was the initial spark of all this happening? One of the major conflicts that I see is probably the fact that before even born, you’re controlled by an outside party. Before they’re born, they are assigned a caste or a role. Not only that but they assign their profession as well. In order to fit that profession, they manipulate their likes and dislikes to benefit their jobs. How is that even living, knowing that you been destined to a role and have had your life fixed to this role. I also found the imagery of the first few chapters very interesting. They clearly describe it as a factory but the writer describes all the different parts of it such as the hatchery, the nursery and the play room with all the kids in it. The writer manages to put a mass producing factory in our heads and gives us a clear image of it. It seems that the staff of the factory are afraid of people teaching these kids of the old ways of life. They are scared that they might rebel and corrupt these kids thinking the way they live now is wrong, which in my opinion is. Mond is a clear example of this as the director is cautious of him trying to corrupt the kids. The book also said that there were rumors of Mond having books that they consider forbidden such as the bible and poetry. I think Mond will have a huge impact later on the book as he might be the key to changing this corrupt society. I think it’s more of a dystopia because all these decisions made to the humans are not of their free will. The factory people are just playing god, assigning roles and everything. Each person should be able to change their destiny and have their own way of living but their way of cloning and manipulation is just inhumane .I also find it kind of ironic that there are still relationships that still go on in the story. Lenina and Henry are a example of this. You would assume that with all this artificial human creation process would wipe out the power known as love. Perhaps Lenina and Henry will see that the way things work in life right now are not right and might do something about it. I’m looking forward to how the story progresses in the next chapters, hopefully someone will question the factories ways.

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