OpenLab Assignment#1: What’s in a name?

My name signifies a person with a creative mind who finds different ways to go through certain paths. The one who goes out of their way to showcase honesty even if in a difficult situation. They see the good and the bad in people because we have good days and bad days. In addition, to have the audacity to appreciate of others beliefs. Someone who is mentally strong although, emotionally sensitive.

My father knew a guy who had daughter name Ariz and he liked the name. He also, wanted his newborn daughter to have a unique name. It amazes me that according to there are 75 babies in the United States that have the exact same name as me. That is a small variety of people and I hope they are proud of their name just like I am.

Through the perspective of others, I help to support others and hold wisdom it can be a hard way to show it although it doesn’t hold me back from being who I am as a person.  A rare stone that you find deeps in the mountains that when you discover it, you find yourself being amazed.

At an early age of my life, I wasn’t fond of my name the reason being people couldn’t pronounce or spell my name correctly. I remember going to gift shops I saw name bracelets, necklaces, mugs, and keychains none of them had my name. It made me feel as if my name wasn’t special enough since nobody else had a name like mine. As time went on I grew to appreciate my name by learning to accept myself.

My name isn’t interpreted as a symbol of negativity, nor it symbolizes violence. It doesn’t mean to lie or mislead others and lean on for who you aren’t since eventually, in the end, the truth will be told.

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