What does my name mean ?

Hello my name is Shawn and I didn’t really live the average high school life of a regular student especially in NYC. I went to prep school to play basketball and I was all over the place but when I came back i told my mom I had a question that I never got to ask her. I told her why did she name me “Shawn” she told me she named me that because I’m a blessing to her and I changed her life forever in a positive way. My mother stated that she’s so thankful for me at first I was confused because I’m so thankful for her but from a parents perspective I believe their love for their children is just unmatched and can’t be described.

The name Shawn means god is gracious a gift from god. I believe everyone is gods gift but the opportunities I have had opened my eyes and made into the humble man I am.

My name means a lot to me, it’s more than ID’s, passports and other important governmental information. This is my legacy that I will carry on this earth until the day I die and hopefully I will be remembered for many generations after me. This will tell me I have fulfilled my job on this planet.

My name helped me understand myself because I believe I’m gods plan and god has a purpose for me. So I constantly carry a chip on my shoulder and never set the bar low for myself because the sky is the limit.

I feel great about my name I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world I want to be great and leave a legacy. So yes my name does motivate me to be better in all aspects in life. 

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