How does my name define me?

Whenever I ask my parents why they named me Shashendri they I have nothing to say; my dad often says he doesn’t even know how he came up with it. Nevertheless, I find that my name, like me and many others, to have many different meanings coming together to make one cohesive statement; each deriving from foreign languages which is the foundation of who I am. “Sha” comes from the Sanskrit languages, meaning blessed light. “Shen” holds the translation of spirit in Chinese. Lastly, “Dri” translating to strong, in Greek. All these meanings, coming from different lands, forming the definition of my name: “strong spirit of light.” Lately, the idea that my name could be translated into something so empowering seems like an obscure thought, but at times it is what motivates me. My name may not be common or easily pronounced, but that’s what makes me who I am.

I am individual – made up of many different ideas, different challenges, and different backgrounds, yet I am one unique cohesive being.

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