Poster Exhibit

As I walked into this exhibit on the 11th floor, I was met with many variations

of cool looking posters. I actually know very little Spanish, so I couldn’t understand what the posters were saying. Despite that, many of them caught my eye visually. Especially the 3 below.

I really enjoy this one because of the eye-grabbing title and the colors on the side. Very nice element with the image inside the shape below the title.


The one that is on the left below is very interesting to me. The illustration of the man is very detailed and makes me wonder what he’s doing. As well as the clouds in the background, which gives it a very nice touch.

The poster on the right is my favorite because of the colors. They are very vibrant and shows a very hot day to me. Someone who is working hard and doing what he has to do to survive. I think the border around the image works as well because it gives it a polaroid feel to me. The title pops and it works well under the image.





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