My First Networking Event

“The New Creative Hub”

That was the name of the event that I went to yesterday. It was quite the experience. A few days before the event, I was still trying to find an event that 1. I could make it too within my free time and 2. That I think will be beneficial to me. Well, I finally found one a few days ago, and it was $15 for the event. I was trying to find one that was free but I felt like I would be getting my money’s worth with this one.

Heading into the event, I was very nervous. Luckily for me though, it was only about a 10-15 minute walk from my house. It was located in Williamsburg Brooklyn on 97 North 10th st. The event was a 7-9pm rainy day. I eventually go up to the 2nd floor, and I immediately become a bit overwhelmed by the amount of grown people that were there. I was probably the only person in there that was in their 20s. Many of the people looked like grown professionals that are always established in the design business. I used that as motivation and an advantage because I felt as if I had a head start.

Admitingly, I sort of just walked around trying to get more comfortable with the setting until someone approached me. I can’t seem to remember his name but we spoke about what I wanted to do in the Graphic Design world, and what I believe my strengths and weaknesses were. He told me he was an Editorial┬áDesigner and if I had a business card. I gave him mine and I asked for his, but he said he didn’t have any on him. I then started walking around again, and saw a woman who looked like she was by herself just like me so I approached her. She ended up being a Designer & Art Director who had a passion for photography, print design and editorial design. Her name is Billi Richards Alexander. I gave her my business card, but she actually didn’t have one on her as well. Although i did ask for a website of some sort, and I got that.

Overall, it was a very fun and nervous experience. I’m glad I went, and went alone.


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