My name is Adia L. Titus. I am a recent graduate of New York City College of Technology (CUNY)’s Business and Technology in Fashion Baccalaureate program.  One unique fact about me is that prior to attending New York City College of Technology, I lived in the US Virgin Islands. This allowed me to interact with persons of diverse backgrounds. During my time in America’s Paradise, I was a student of the Junior Achievement program. Junior Achievement is an after school business program where I was mentored by business owners and prominent lawyers of the island of St. Thomas. In high school, I was also a part of Antilles School’s Interact Club. As secretary of that club, I helped to organize fundraisers, manage volunteers and calculate their volunteer hours. The objective of this e-Portfolio is to highlight my work experience, acquired skills and academic performance thus far.

The color palette used for this page is a combination of neutral colors which consists of white, black, green, and brown. White symbolizes purity and clarity while black exudes sophistication. This I found aligns with my brand image. The earth tones of this page also reiterates the simplistic look of my e-Portfolio page (Adomaitis, 2020). The  logo that I chose was a cursive font with my name. The reason for this choice is so that the color template and logo did not clash. A simple yet effective image.


The objective of this ePortofolio is for my future employers to have a further understanding of me as a candidate and my academic background. The Academic section of my ePortfolio highlights the work I have completed at New York City College of Technology(CUNY). Thank you for viewing my OpenLab site!






Adomaitis, A. Visual Merchandising Lecture: Chapters 1-4 [PowerPoint Presentation]. New York City College of Technology (CUNY). Brooklyn, NY.