Visual Merchandising Portfolio

The BUF 2203: Visual Merchandising course gives one an understanding of what the Visual Merchanding position at a retailer fully entails. They must construct creative and often elaborate visual displays in order to capture the attention of onlookers. Visual displays help to promote sales for a company and informs the public of what items can be found within the store. Throughout the course our assignments mimicked the creative process of a Visual Merchandiser.

Among the projects for BUF 2203, the Color Wheel, Mosaic, and Monochromatic Charts required the most detail. This displayed how color is a key component for the fashion industry as well has when creating the visuals for a retailer.

Color Wheel and Monochromatic Charts

Roberle’s Bell Method: Look, Compare and Improve is a model that a Visual Merchandiser can use in order to see if the viewer would stop or continue walking. In my Bell Method paper, I compared a BOSS by HUGO BOSS with a Gucci display. For both displays besides providing a comparison I described them and provided areas that should be improved.  This model helps visuals understand where they can improve their skills in order to reach the interest of their consumers.

Comparing one’s own visual display to another from their contemporary is how this method is done. Another model in which we examined was the SCAMPER model. SCAMPER is an acronym for:

Substitute materials or items in display

Combine concepts within the visual display

Adapt or add an object

Modify, minify, and/or maximize an object in the visual display

Put or place an object to a different use

Eliminate an element used in the display

Reverse and rearrange items in the display

This acronym helps Visual Merchandisers with the creative process of creating a visual display.


All of the creative processes depend on the Elements of Design: composition, color, texture, balance, dominance, proportion, rhythm, and repetition. The Elements and Design paper Dr. Adomaitis assigned for this class thoroughly explained how the Elements of Design is an important factor in visual displays as well as in other art forms. Each component is significant in how a display may be perceived by the viewer. For this paper I compared the painting Easter Monday by William deKooning to an Emporio Armani S/S 2017 display on Fifth Avenue. I compared and contrasted how each of the Elements of Design were used in the visual display and the painting.

.Elements of Design

For the final assignment for BUF 2203, the Press Release, one would create a press release booklet centered around a design house’s collection. I chose Demna Gvasalia’s Spring/Summer 2017collection for Balenciaga. This required me to use the concepts I learned in the prior assignments and relate that to this collection. One may ask how are Visual Merchandising and runway shows related? They are  visual displays of a fashion house. This allows one to understand the concept behind a particular company and/or a designer.

Balenciaga- Press Release


Final Submission Visual Merchandising- COS Cover Letter

Adia Titus- Visual Merch Resume