I definitely think Banksy is a real artist and a great one too. He’s unique like every artist is. His art has a lot of meaning to it; they’re often depictions of real life topics that can start a discussion. A major thing about Banksy is that he is anonymous so he doesn’t want to be recognized. He seems humble in a world where popularity equates to value in an age of commodification. From spraying graffiti to painting a train, it’s safe to say that Banksy’s work has evolved. There’s a great irony with Banksy’s work. Like how every institution he criticizes loves his art. He condemns galleries yet they profit and sell his work for millions. He has this perception of the world of art where exhibits and art auctions where art is sold repulse him. He even had a shredder of some sort that would destroy his own work if removed from its frame at an auction. He seems more keen on his art making points than being sold for its value, which resonates with me. I was very intrigued by the video and really got a grasp on this type of art, how sentimental it really is, and how people view it.