Michael Wiehart is a self-taught and self-employed motion designer and animator. He went to art school in Switzerland where he learned graphic design. He had to make his own computer back then. He is a hard-working individual who is always eager to learn more. He spends many hours working on projects for clients, brands, and companies as well as doing side projects. He’s done design, editing, 3D and 2D animation, compositing, and live action direction. He mostly does advertising. His field is combined graphic design and live action. He also does live action where he adds animation after. He also does other things. He uses Cinema 4D as a 3D software if he does 3D animation, AfterEffects for motion graphics and compositing, Unity, renderers, and Premiere because they’re nicely connected which makes it easier. He also uses the rest of Adobe. He’s done work for big name projects like Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena. Although he hires freelancers, most of the time, he does everything by himself. Michael really likes what he does and is always putting in the work while sporting a positive attitude. He’ll even rewrite a project brief if he feels it’s not what the client/brand wants. He also makes connections with people as that helps.

I learned many facts/tips from Michael Wiehart: He relayed that in regards to the industry, it’s always changing. Perfect your craft. If you are going to charge money for your craft, you better be good at it or you’re cheating your client. Partake in side projects and challenge yourself. It teaches you things in addition to what you learn from your work projects. Don’t be afraid of putting in the work. To learn and get good, you must be excited about it and want to spend the time to do it. Time is valuable so use it wisely. The industry is a team sport and everyone does their own thing. You may be good at something but not something else. So many different ways of doing things. Everyone does it differently. Do what you want as well as what you must.