View from My Window: Research

As I look out my window, I see a multitude of things.  The first thing beyond the windowsill has to be the fire escape. It looks like a bunch of lines at first but then look a bit closer; the strategically placed lines form a set of stairs, a gate and a railing. Further past the fire escape is the other side of the street in which there’s a strip of stores. Each store is easily distinguishable by the shape and color of their awnings (and lack thereof). The awnings are connected to each other and have a similar shape except for the grocery store which is much bigger and has an arch in the middle.

Looking to the left, I first spot a tree. Due to it being the middle of winter, its leaves are gone only leaving the branches. The branches start out large coming from the trunk then dwindling down to little twigs all over the place. Past that is another apartment building. The top of the building has designs made out bricks on it. There’s a building and a chimney on top of that as well.