Understanding Your Degree Audit

ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY                                                                             

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Understanding Your Degree Audit

Spring 2013 advisement for Fall 2013


LAP (literature/aesthetics/philosophy) and ARCH 2321 History of Architecture: 1900 to the Present

If a student took two “Aesthetics” (art/music history, etc.) they should BOTH be applied to the LAP requirements, and the ARCH 2321 will be applied to the “AAS Capstone.”


This often incorrect in the Degree Audits, causing ARCH 3662 to be applied to the AAS capstone and one of the LAP courses to show as “not allowed” (non-contributory). Once the two LAP’s are applied correctly, note that the student will have an additional 3 credits toward the 77 credit total for the major.


ARCH 3611

ARCH 3611 can be applied as a BTech elective  (Faculty advisor to send an email to Jennifer Serrano), OR it can be used in place of ARCH 3610 or FMGT 4880 (with a course substitution by the faculty advisor)


How many electives are needed?

In determining how many BTech electives are required for continuing students, look at the dark bar in the Degree Audit with the total number of credits in the major; 77 credits are required. In rare cases, continuing students can take all courses required under the old curriculum and come up with only 76 credits in the major. The usual number is 78 or 79.


ARCH 1191

  • Upper level students will need an alternate course to fill in the credits for 1191; something related to visual studies, drawing, computer graphics is preferred, but ANY two ARCH credits are acceptable
  • Students now MUST take ARCH 1191 prior to enrolling in ARCH 1210/1291; 1191 is not required if the student has already taken 1211 or 1210; take 3609 if skills are lacking
  • Please send these students to the chair for a permission code to enroll in ARCH 1191


Unlinked sections of ARCH 1291

Students who have already taken ARCH 1211 (the old Foundations II), but who never took ARCH 2491, MUST take an unlinked section of ARCH 1291. These students should do so immediately since these skills are foundational to all subsequent design studios.



  • Students must not enroll in two studios simultaneously (all xx10 courses, 3630, 4830)
  • If ARCH 3630 is taken in addition to ARCH 3610, it can be used as a BTech elective (see chair for a course substitution)


Transfer credits

If a student has been given credit for a transferred class the grade will display as ‘CR’ in the degree audit. If a grade of ‘C’ or higher is required for a prerequisite, the student will need a prerequisite override from an advisor before registering for the subsequent class.



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