What happens if I do not receive a “C or better” in a course where this is required for the next course in a sequence?

Can I use the same course to fulfill two different requirements in my degreeaudit? (i.e. ARCH 2321)

What is the difference between “W” and a “WU”?

When should I come see an advisor?

How do I know which advisor to see?

How do I know when an advisor is in the office?

Can I email my advisor?

Can I leave a question on this site – post a question?

What do I need to know to graduate?

When can I drop a course?

What is early registration?

What are mid-semester grades?

The Program:  It is extremely important that you read the College Catalog carefully to become familiar with the requirements of the program. Faculty advisors will make every effort to assist you, but you should not expect an advisor to take time to explain the program requirements unless you have first made a good faith effort to understand the program, prerequisites, and Core requirements as explained in the Catalog. The program includes several sequences and a number of prerequisites that may cause your time to graduation to be greatly extended if you do not plan your program carefully.


Prerequisites:  Be aware that the prerequisites accessed from the link in the online “Schedule of Classes” are a separate system, maintained by CUNY Central. The prerequisites shown in the College Catalog are most accurate. If you see an error, please report it to your advisor or to the department chair.

Required Credits for Financial Aid:  New TAP rules (Fall 2010) require most NEW student to enroll for 15 credits per semester. The complete rules are extremely complicated especially for continuing students (to some extent they are retroactive) and for students taking one or more remedial classes. Charts in the College Catalog provide more information, BUT ALWAYS check with the Financial Aid Office for to be certain of the requirements for your specific case.

Internship Class ARCH 4900:  For information and registration in ARCH 4900—Internship, students should see Prof. Ken Conzelmann (NOT the department chair).


Registration Blocks (Low GPA block, Bursar block): The Arch Tech department faculty and chair do NOT have the ability to override a registration block placed by the Bursar (payment problems) or by a low GPA. There is nothing we can do to help you register before the block is removed. If you believe it to be a College or University error, please see the Registrar.


Errors on Degree Audits:  Errors in Degree Works will NOT automatically prevent you from graduating; upon application for graduation, the Registrar will review the record and correct most errors. Common errors—BS/SS sequences and transfer credits often do not show correctly. If your faculty advisor agrees that there is an error, you can contact the Registrar and request a correction.


e-permit (registering for a class at another CUNY college): Complete the online e-permit application. You will receive an online notification once application is approved or denied. The other college may not allow e-permit registration until the day before classes begin, and only when seats are still available—situations vary. If you are requesting that the course be accepted in lieu of a required City Tech course, ask your advisor to forward the suggested course substitution form to the Chair.

If you want to register for more than 18 credits (“accelerated study”):  You must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and have completed at least 15 credits. There is an additional fee for overload credits (see catalog). Send an email to the Chair with ALL of the following information–full name, last 4 digits SS#, course # and # of credits for ALL courses the you want to take in that semester. Then, register for the courses least likely to fill. Registration for your requested overload will open a few weeks before classes begin (this gives other students the chance to register before the overload students).



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