Final Submission of Work to be Posted on Blackboard

Please upload your semesters work to blackboard if possible in a single PDF.  If you need to break it up due to size please name them sequentially.

As discussed include the following:

  • Table of contents listing everything you are providing
  • Time overview = outside of class what was your weekly schedule dedicated to the solar decathlon and how many hours per week did you dedicate to this effort.
  • Follow this format:  The narrative and description each can be short – just one or two scentences.
  • Description: of the work:  Can be one or two scentences or more as needed.
  • Narrative: Define your part in the work.  If you did the work yourself just say “sole team member” (no other detail is required if you did it all by yourself).  If you did it as a team say “Member of a team including – name the other students”.  My responsiblity as a member of the team was to work on….. clarify your role.
  • Content: – Include images, text, etc. for anything you worked on.  Clarify who did the work.  If you were part of a team clarify your part in the work.
  • Remember to include things that you may have worked on that did not make it into the final project – so long as you worked on it this semester.
  • Please upload it by Sunday Night the 21st.
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