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2014 Fall Term (1) Special Topics in ArchitectureĀ  ARCH 4400 D668[82802] (NYC College of Technology): Final Submission of Semester Work to ARCH4400.SpecialTopics.SolarDecathlon

chantal manning final submission. Thank You.

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Semester Wrap-up: Fall 2014

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Semester Wrap-Up Fall 2014

Semester Wrap-Up Fall 2014 By Stephen December While working on the Vertical Solar Wall all this semester; there were many changes that occurred with the design. The design has evolved from a large robust system to a design that co-exists … Continue reading

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StormTreat Systems

I contacted StormTreat Systems for more info onĀ their greywater treatment system I asked about: What are the power requirements for each unit? How much space is required for entire treatment process? If there Ā are any solutions for urban locations I … Continue reading

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SolarZentrum North America

The company SolarZentrum was contacted for Ā Dimension information – Assembly of multiple panels – Installation of the system – Drawings and Specifications ( AutoCAD, Revit, PDF formats) – Any videos that you can point us to – Any components that … Continue reading

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