For Wednesday – A quick Checklist

Postings for your use:

  • Have moved the videos to a password protected page  – will email the password to everyone.  The page can be found here CLASS VIDEOS PAGE
  • Have posted the PowerPoint Tutorials.  They can be found on the menu under Assignments > Tutorials.   There are three zoning PowerPoint’s from today.  The third one labeled 04… is the most useful.

The Current Assignment: (Complete for Wednesday)

  • Remember that you are working on the zoning envelope – so focus on the portions of the zoning text that help you understand how to create the envelope
    • Step 1- find your lot – and find out the dimensions on the digital tax map (this is the site plan portion of the presentation – just your lot and block not the entire city.
    • Step 2- Are the streets Narrow or Wide.  When you search through the code you will need to know this information – the tables have different values.
    • Step 3- As a group search the code for the relevant sections.  Copy and Paste the relevant sections to a work area below all of your team’s boards so everyone can read it – and we can review it during the presentation.
    • Step 4- Start from one street – for example a wide street.  Does it have a streetwall – if so how high.  After this does it have a setback or sky exposure plane.  If so the settings are different for “narrow” and “wide” streets.
    • Step 5 – How is maximum height controlled.  Sometimes its FAR with no max height and sometimes its when the setbacks or sky exposure planes intersect.
    • If you cannot figure something out or are not sure – DO NOT STRESS OVER IT – bring it in as a question we will answer during class.
    • And go to bed at a reasonable hour and be on time to class at 830 AM- thanks

The Previous Assignments and Cleanup:  (Complete this btwn Thursday-Monday)

    • Two of you still need to submit the first day About Me Collage.  When done post this on OpenLab and categorize it properly.
    • For the team zoning district presentation.  Clean it up – edit and complete it as needed.
      • Add First Slide with Photos of Team and Names
      • Add End Slide
      • Add citations for all sources on each slide
      • Add Initials to credit the creator of any slide
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