For Thursday – a quick checklist

Postings for your use:

  • I have posted BIG’s BQE proposal for you under Site Resources > BIG BQE
  • I have posted today’s videos
  • I have included some screen captures from today’s class at the end of this post
  • Under Site Resources are some links helpful to the current assignment
  • Albert Vargas will send everyone his base file for 3D modeling – thanks Albert!

Current Assignment: (Inventory)

  • Remember you are doing Inventory only at this point – not Analysis
  • Tasks
    • Divide up the research tasks (Tag the boards with your names
    • Create a good base map and 3d model for your team
    • I have added a scratch space for you to add notes to yourselves
    • Yes -you can reformat the boards – change the shape and the number of images and possibly recombine different topic.  For example you should probably combine Noise and Pollution with Circulation as cars are the main source of both.
  • We will begin class tomorrow with Q & A and then you can work as teams.

Previous Assignments:

  • You do not need to correct your zoning envelope assignments – however while it is not required you might find it helpful to correct them as needed.  What will be critical is when you complete a second zoning envelope study of the project side – you need to get it correct.

Various Screen Captures:

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