Day 24 – screen captures and prep for presentation

Check list for HW for the weekend:

Begin to layout your presentation on the Miro Board: Β Miro Board – Final Presentation

Drawings may vary from student to student, but an important drawings for everyone is the site plan. It should be able to show:

  • Your big idea/concept
  • How your buildings relate to the site
  • Elevation heights to orient the jury
  • North Arrow
  • Label streets
  • Circulation for pedestrian, cyclist, automobiles…
  • Images of areas that you do not have time to render
  • Views + sun (this could be on a Site strategy plan/diagram – if there is too much information)
  • Entrances to your buildings
  • Roof tops of buildings
  • Label uses – commercial, parking, community center….
  • Should be rendered /color that looks like a site – see examples under Β Assignments.





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