Due for Class – Thursday November 19th

Presentation Views

  • Pick a number of eye level perspective views – we will look at these and short list those that we will want for your final pinup presentation

FAR/Massing Calculations:

  • Complete the spreadsheet – I want to be able to see a before and after massing of your design – before you adjusted the massing and after

Open Space Use:

  • Clarify Public/Private
  • For all Public make sure you apply for a zoning bonus
  • Locate all building entrances – begin to design the interior lobby for each
  • Precedent Images – gather precedent images to show us your concept for each outdoor space.
  • Scale objects – place some scale objects (basketball court, etc.) so you can get a sense of the scale of the outdoor spaces.

Apartment Layout:

  • Jill will want to discuss your apartment layouts

Facade & Materials Studies:

  • In order ask yourself these questions for your building facade
    • How many materials types do you have – determine the transparency
      • Is it Glass
      • Is it Opaque/Solid
    • If it is Glass –
      • Stick system curtain wall
      • Modular/United system
      • Clear Glazing – no mullions – butt glazing
    • If it is Solid –
      • Metal Panel
      • Precast Concrete
      • Poured in Place Concrete
      • Brick
      • Masonry/Stone
      • Rainscreen
        • Terra Cotta
        • Trespa Cement Board
    • If it is Solid
      • Is it smooth
      • Is it rough/textured
    • Balcony Studies
      • Will you have balconies that project out?
      • Will you have recessed (cave) balconies?
      • Will you have large terraces
    • Views & Exposures
      • How does your facade & use of materials change for the different exposures (north/south/east/west)
      • How does your facade differ to take advantage of significant views?

Screen Captures from Today’s Class



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