Review comments from the Final Jury

Dawson- Opportunities for the residual spaces. Not neatly finished = successful. Created spaces outside near the greenway – voids to interact with greenway. Is the density correct for your FAR? The small exterior blocks are too random, not as successful as your massing. Your project is more elegant than your inspirations

Sajida-A detail site plan would be most helpful You need to show how ideas are implemented into your project. Strong ideas in views.

Isaiah- Ground and stairs not integrated, need to change landscaping. Height of buildings are all too much the same. The sides of your buildings are much more interesting with the bends and angles than your roof. It looks a bit too much like an office/college campus. Very professional presentation and organization.

Bryam- Ned more variations – study models have a lot and missing in this design. Need move connection of the site and greenway. Need a connection to ground plane.

Maria – Integration with site and project is very successful. Great last view- very successful. Nice variety of heights, need more development still within project. The texture of the site is very successful.

Monica- Site analysis and strategy very good. Shifted heights is great. Good integration on the site. Shearing is very interesting, but wished it would apply – possibly in a different material on the base.

Jessica – Not scared to go Big! scale is an issue- need people and trees. You really challenged yourself and your apartments for the sot part work quite well – some areas need to be studied. The study of facade materials is needed.

Adawle- Very clear understanding of the site. Powerful concept models, but need to show how architecture develops. Project is safe- but doesn’t show excitement as your study models. Need to look at more exciting buildings and understand the urban fabric.

Jingfeng – nice view from the bridge, many areas are not thought out. How do you access the greenway? What about the raised greenway and how it creates a wall next to our site? Facade development is missing – precast?



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